LARP Projects through time:
As head organizer
– Kumpeldorf – Warhammer Village Roleplay based on locale society
– Striden om Gottheim Kloster –16 century with a Catholic/Protestant conflict
– Striden om Gottheim II – 16 century with a Catholic/Protestant conflict
– Karrass Mørke – Classic Fantasy Fight/Quest Scenario
– Eresirs Vrede – Classic Fantasy Fight/Quest Scenario

As Co-organizer
Balon IV – Village LARP in an fantasy setting.
Skovens Hemmelighed – Adventure/Quest Scenario.
Skovens Hemmelighed 3 – Adventure/Quest Scenario.
Shadowrun Live Rollespil – Cyberpunk Quest Scenario.
Shadowrun Live Rollespil 2.0 – Cyberpunk Quest Scenario.

Creator of LARP Campaigns:
Ved Flodens Bred – Warhammer Children Quest/Battle LARP.